Top 10 Skills Recruiters Are Looking For In 2022

With businesses opening back up again and many recruiters looking for more fresh hires, 2023 is the year to get started on your dream career path. So, how to increase your chances of getting hired?

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The more relevant skills you have for a particular job, the higher your chances of getting selected. Keeping that in mind, here are the top 10 skills that recruiters are looking for in 2022.

Top 10 Skills That Recruiters Are Looking For In 2022

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how you make your business stand out among millions of search results. SEO is basically about optimizing the content of your website to make it visible on the SERP.

2. Mobile App Development

App developers focus on creating apps and software for mobiles. These apps are sold on the app store. It, literally, takes only one successful app to make a company(or you) a lot of money!

3. Data Presentation

Presenting data in an understandable and succinct manner has become a hot new skill that employers are looking for. Data analysis and presentation are basically about processing and presenting raw data in a manner that useful information can be derived from it. The more elements you can incorporate into your presentations, slides, sheets, videos, or interactive dashboards, the more valuable your skills will be to top recruiters.

4. UX Design

UX Design, or User Experience designing, is the transformation of digital products into meaningful experiences for the end-users. It is more about making your product worthwhile and useful for the consumers. With many brands and companies expanding to online operations or completely shifting online, UX designers are in demand right now.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning are not only in-demand right now but they will stay relevant for many years to come. These are advanced skills that will help you land high-paying jobs. AI is currently being used in many sectors like healthcare, HR, and even marketing.

6. Cloud Computing

With many businesses going online and expanding their operations over several geographical locations, the need for cloud computing keeps growing. Cloud computing essentially makes it possible for us to access required services, data, and other resources online from every corner of the world. Cloud computing can reduce the time-lapse in many businesses and this is a highly sought-after skill in today’s market.

7. Digital Marketing

Marketing in today’s world can be tricky. With so many ways to market your brand, the digital space is often underlooked. Practically, every business has an online presence in this day and age. There are a lot of things to do in this domain so keep upskilling yourself and staying relevant to the industry and you will be a valuable hire to any recruiter.

8. Video Creation/Editing

Videos are the lifeblood of the digital world. Every app and website tries to create and cater to video content, and if you can make good video content, or edit them in a professional manner, you will be able to take your career to next level. This skill will also stay in demand for a long time, so check it out if you feel you can do this.

9. Social Media Marketing

A subset in the digital marketing domain, SMM is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s market. There are many businesses that run solely through social media and are very successful, and the key to their success is a good SMM strategy, and you could be the one who makes it.

10. Content Writing

Ever since print media shook the world by storm and reading and writing became an everyday habit, content writers have been in demand. The best thing about content writing is that it is an evergreen job.

Bonus: Creativity

In today’s world, creativity is the key to a business’s success. Granted there is no course that can teach you how to be creative, but it is nevertheless a very important skill that comes into play in many different places. A creative mind can be the difference between success and failure.

So there we have it, The top 10 skills that recruiters are looking for in 2022. All of these skills can be learned or acquired with enough time, so get out there and choose the one that makes sense to you.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and search for the courses that will help you develop these skills!


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