Instagram Tests Unskippable Video Ads

Hold on to your scrolling fingers, folks! Instagram is currently testing a new type of ad that might disrupt your usual browsing experience. They’re venturing into the territory of unskippable video ads, and let’s just say, users are reacting with a mix of curiosity and frustration.

For those who haven’t encountered it yet, the test involves video ads that appear in your main feed. Unlike the usual ones you can scroll past, these come with a countdown timer. You guessed it – you have to watch the entire ad before you can resume your scrolling marathon.

Why the Change?

Instagram, owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), is constantly looking for ways to improve ad revenue. Skippable ads allow users to, well, skip them, potentially reducing their effectiveness. Unskippable ads, on the other hand, guarantee that viewers will at least see the ad for a set amount of time. This could be appealing to advertisers, who might be willing to pay more for this guaranteed exposure.

Is This the Future of Instagram?

While the test is causing a stir, it’s important to remember that this might not be a permanent change. Instagram often experiments with different features, and user feedback plays a big role in determining what sticks. The initial reaction, however, seems to be leaning towards the negative. Many users have expressed annoyance at the forced viewing experience, which goes against the free-flowing nature of scrolling through Instagram.

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re part of the test group, brace yourself for some unavoidable ad breaks. However, for the rest of the user base, it’s a waiting game. Only time will tell if Instagram decides to implement unskippable ads for everyone.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for that countdown timer and let your voice be heard! Whether you support the change or not, Instagram is likely considering user feedback when making their final decision.


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