Instagram to Threads Cross-Posting in Meta

Big news for those who love sharing photos with close friends! Meta is currently testing a new feature that allows users to automatically cross-post their Instagram photos directly to Threads. This means you can share your favorite moments on both platforms with minimal effort.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Limited access: For now, this feature is only available to a select group of Instagram users as part of a global test.
  • Seamless sharing: If you’re lucky enough to be included, you’ll see a new toggle option during the Instagram post creation process. This lets you choose to share the photo automatically to your Threads app.
  • Focus on photos: Currently, the test only applies to photo posts, not Reels or videos.
  • Content adjustments: When a photo is cross-posted, Instagram captions are converted to plain text for Threads, and hashtags are no longer clickable.

Why is Meta testing this feature?

Meta owns both Instagram and Threads, and this feature is likely a strategic move to boost engagement on Threads. Threads, positioned as a more intimate space for close friends, has struggled to keep pace with the massive user base of Instagram. By allowing users to easily share photos on both platforms, Meta might be hoping to attract more users to Threads and increase content creation within the app.

Should you use it?

If you’re part of the test group, this feature offers a convenient way to share your Instagram photos with your closest connections on Threads. However, it’s important to consider your audience. Do your Threads friends also use Instagram? Would they appreciate seeing the same content twice?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. The good news is that cross-posting seems to be optional, and you can likely choose which photos to share on both platforms.

The future of cross-posting

This test is a big step towards creating a more interconnected experience within Meta’s suite of apps. It will be interesting to see if Meta expands this feature to include Reels or Stories in the future, and whether it becomes a permanent option for all Instagram users.


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