Hold onto your resumes, folks, because LinkedIn is about to get a major shakeup. The platform known for professional networking and career building is venturing into uncharted territory: gaming.

Yes, you read that right. LinkedIn is experimenting with adding puzzle games directly into the app. Code researchers have unearthed hints of three games in development: “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb.” These are likely to be casual, brainteaser-type games inspired by the recent popularity of puzzles like Wordle.

While the exact purpose of these games remains to be seen, LinkedIn’s official statement suggests they aim to:

  • Boost user engagement: Let’s face it, scrolling through endless profiles can get monotonous. Games could provide a lighthearted break and encourage users to spend more time on the platform.
  • Deepen relationships: The idea might be to spark conversations and friendly competition among colleagues or connections. Imagine a friendly rivalry between departments over who has the highest “Queens” score!
  • Introduce a new element of fun: A touch of playfulness could make LinkedIn feel less rigid and more approachable, especially for younger generations.

However, the introduction of games on LinkedIn also raises some questions:

  • Will it be distracting? The core function of LinkedIn is professional networking. Will games become a needless distraction from building meaningful connections?
  • Gamification gone wrong? There’s a possibility companies might pressure employees to participate, turning the lighthearted competition into a stressful obligation.
  • Focus on skills, not scores: While puzzles can be stimulating, it’s important that core functionalities like showcasing skills and experience remain the main focus.

Only time will tell how this social experiment plays out.


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