LinkedIn Launches In-Stream Games

Step aside spreadsheets and resumes, LinkedIn is making room for… games? That’s right, the professional networking platform recently launched a suite of in-stream games designed to add a touch of fun to your workday grind.

Gone are the days of endless scrolling through job postings and connection requests. Now, you can take a break and challenge yourself (and maybe your colleagues) to some brain-teasing puzzles. But is this a gimmick, or a strategic move by LinkedIn?

From Professional to Playful

LinkedIn’s foray into gaming might seem unexpected, but it taps into a growing trend. Puzzle games like Wordle have exploded in popularity, proving that quick mental challenges can be a great way to unwind and connect with others.

LinkedIn seems to be hoping for the same effect. Their initial offerings include:

  • Pinpoint: A word association game where you guess the unifying theme behind a group of words.
  • Queens: A logic puzzle similar to Sudoku, where you strategically place queens on a grid.
  • Crossclimb: A trivia game that combines crossword elements with word ladder challenges.

Building Connections Through Competition?

While these games offer a welcome distraction, there’s more to them than just fun. LinkedIn is also introducing leaderboards and the potential for company rankings based on employee performance. This injects a bit of friendly competition, which could spark conversations and connections between colleagues.

Whether this gamification strategy pays off remains to be seen. Some users might find it cheesy, while others might appreciate the break and the chance to bond with colleagues over a shared challenge.

The Future of Fun on LinkedIn?

Only time will tell if LinkedIn’s games become a mainstay of the platform. But, one thing’s for sure: this move shows LinkedIn is willing to experiment and make their platform more engaging. It might just be the secret weapon to keep users glued to their professional profiles for a little longer.

So, the next time you’re on LinkedIn, don’t be surprised to see a game pop up in your feed. Give it a try, challenge your connections, and see if it sparks some new professional connections (or bragging rights)!


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