LinkedIn Unveils Sponsored Newsletters

Attention all content creators and businesses on LinkedIn! The platform just unveiled a powerful new tool: Sponsored Newsletters. This means you can now leverage paid advertising to promote your newsletter directly to a targeted audience on LinkedIn.

Why Sponsored Newsletters Matter

LinkedIn Newsletters have become a popular way for professionals to share industry insights, thought leadership pieces, and exclusive content. But reaching a wider audience organically can be challenging. Sponsored Newsletters solves this problem by allowing you to promote your newsletter directly to the inboxes of highly relevant users.

Target the Right Audience

LinkedIn’s targeting options are what make Sponsored Newsletters truly valuable. You can tailor your campaigns to reach professionals based on specific criteria like industry, job title, company size, and even interests. This ensures your newsletter lands in front of the people most likely to be interested in your content.

Brand Awareness or Driving Subscriptions? You Decide

LinkedIn offers two campaign objectives when using Sponsored Newsletters: brand awareness and engagement. If your primary goal is to get your name out there and build brand recognition, the awareness objective is a good choice. But if you’re focused on driving subscriptions to your newsletter, the engagement objective will optimize your campaign accordingly.

The Future of Sponsored Newsletters

While currently only available to company pages, LinkedIn plans to expand Sponsored Newsletters to individual creators in the near future. This opens exciting possibilities for thought leaders and industry influencers to build their audiences and engagement.

Ready to Get Started?

Sponsored Newsletters offer a powerful new way to connect with your target audience on LinkedIn. By leveraging paid promotion, you can significantly increase your newsletter’s reach and grow your subscriber base. Stay tuned for updates on when this feature becomes available to individual creators.


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