Google’s New Ad Insights Feature

No requirement for a fake account or third-party tools. In Google Ads, because of new ad insights feature you can now perform competitive ad text research directly. For any marketer, reviewing competition advertising is a crucial step in the production or QA of ad text.

ad insights feature
Click “see more (triple dots)” by the advertizer’s account

After finding the adverts, it is important to analyse them systematically. This has usually taken a lot of time for paid search. It has been required to employ third-party technologies, such as Semrush or Google’s Ad Preview tool, which all frequently rely on sample data and do not provide thorough examples. Well, those times are past thanks to Google’s most recent improvements. The opportunity to conduct competitive ad text research directly within Google Ads is now available.

It’s interesting to notice that these functionalities are accessible without logging into a Google account or your campaign, unlike the Google Ads Preview tool. The days of writing a dummy ad or requiring a dummy account to start the preview are over.

Another significant benefit of using the Google Ads Preview tool is the ability to filter by ad format. Ad format filtering is a great approach to acquire the precise results you need, especially if you’re in a rush or need to overrule the algorithmic ad display customization for your profile.

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