X Introduces Timestamp Links to Improve Video Experience

X has today announced the launch of timestamp links for video uploads. This new feature will make it easier for viewers to find the specific parts of a video that they are interested in.

What are Timestamp Links?

Timestamp links are a way of linking to a specific point in time in a video. When you click on a timestamp link, you will be taken directly to that point in the video. This can be useful for skipping to a specific segment of a video, or for sharing a particular moment with others.

How to Use Timestamp Links

To create a timestamp link, simply copy the URL of the video and add the timestamp at the end. For example, the following is a timestamp link for a video that starts at the 10-minute mark:


You can also create timestamp links by using the share button on X. When you share a video, you will be given the option to include a timestamp link.

Benefits of Timestamp Links

Timestamp links offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Makes it easier to find specific parts of videos
  • Can be used to share specific moments with others
  • Can be used to create playlists of specific moments from different videos

How Timestamp Links Work

When you click on a timestamp link, X will use its AI technology to identify the relevant part of the video. This ensures that viewers are always taken to the correct point in the video, even if the video has been edited or the timestamp has been changed.


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