YouTube Expands Smart Replies and Comment Translations

Along with greater access to Smart Replies, a streamlined, template answer option that makes it simpler to immediately communicate with viewers in the app, YouTube has announced an extension of its comment translation tools.

The ability to interpret comments within the app was introduced by YouTube last September via Google Translate integration, making it simpler to understand more types of in-stream remarks.

Due to the fact that this has proven to be a highly popular feature, YouTube has decided to also offer comment translations to Studio Mobile, giving users another way to interact with comments that have been left in a different language.

This might open up new avenues for communication with a larger global audience. Although Google Translate is undoubtedly not perfect, it is precise enough to allow users to interact with the programme and understand it. The “Smart Replies” experiment on YouTube, which suggests comments when responding to viewers in-stream, is also being expanded.

Although some users have had access to Smart Replies for some time, YouTube is now making them available to all creators in the main app and starting a new trial with Smart Replies on Studio Mobile.

I’m not sure if these general templates are always useful, but you can modify them before sending, and for those managing a larger channel with lots of replies, it could help to streamline the process and encourage more involvement.

Finally, YouTube is also shifting playlists to the “Content tab,” and you can now create playlists by clicking the “Create” button in the top-right corner. Based on YouTube’s methodical upgrades, that probably won’t have a significant effect, but it’s still a useful point.


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