YouTube Unveils New Subscriber Insights

YouTube’s new analytics updates show why subscribers cancel and how new and returning viewers engage differently. This data can help creators plan better content.

New and Returning Viewers tab: This tab gives creators a dedicated space to analyse how new and returning viewers engage with their content. This information can help creators understand what new viewers are interested in and create content that is more likely to attract and retain new viewers.

Expanded data sorting options: YouTube has also expanded its data sorting options, which will give creators more context about what is driving views within each audience segment. This information can help creators create more targeted and effective content.

New channel membership data cards: YouTube has also added new channel membership data cards to its analytics dashboard. These cards provide insight into how channel members are engaging with content. This information can help creators create content that is more likely to appeal to their channel members and encourage them to renew their memberships.

The above image shows how the new cards provide more context on total member counts, as well as which of your videos are driving more subscriptions. That’s another fine-tuned data point to understand audience behaviour, so you can analyse what it is about each clip that has more (or less) resonance for paying members.

YouTube’s new channel membership card reveals why people cancel their memberships. This valuable data can help you improve your channel’s appeal to your most valuable audience.


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