YouTube Upgrades Audio Editing for Copyrights

YouTubers, rejoice! No more scrambling to remake videos or facing awkward silences thanks to copyrighted music. YouTube recently upgraded its audio editing tools, specifically targeting those pesky copyright claims.

Here’s the good news: YouTube’s AI got a major boost! The new “Erase Song” feature uses artificial intelligence to precisely identify and remove copyrighted music from your videos. This means you can surgically remove the offending audio without affecting your narration, sound effects, or the overall flow of your content.

This is a game-changer for creators who often face copyright claims for background music. Previously, your options were limited to muting the entire video or painstakingly cutting out the copyrighted section. Both options were less than ideal, potentially ruining the viewing experience or forcing you to re-record content.

The new “Erase Song” feature offers two choices:

  • Erase Song Only: This removes just the copyrighted music, leaving your original audio intact.
  • Mute All Audio: This is the old standby, but now it’s just one click away.

While the AI is impressive, YouTube acknowledges it might not be perfect in every situation. Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered! Their support page offers alternative solutions and resources to help you navigate copyright claims.

This upgrade is a win-win for both creators and viewers. Creators can now focus on creating amazing content without copyright worries, and viewers can enjoy uninterrupted viewing experiences.

So, fire up YouTube Studio and check out the new “Erase Song” feature. It’s time to reclaim your videos and unleash your creativity!


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