How to do analysis using SWOT

When the business is ready to take form or when there is some issue, the company tends to undertake the swot analysis to understand its company position. Thus, it is essential for the marketer to be well versed in this analysis 

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swot analysis procedure help in doing a business as it would enable to gain a holistic view about the overall situation, that organization is facing as it focuses on the external as well as internal environment. SWOT full form in marketing is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. 

Swot Analysis


It would describe what the organization is good at and what separates it from competitors. 



Weakness will stop an individual and organization from working according to their full potential or the optimum level. They represent the area where the organization needs to work to remain competitive. 



A favorable external environment that gives a competitive advantage is an opportunity. 



The elements that could harm the organization are termed threats. 



SWOT analysis could be beneficial for any organization for analyzing external and internal environments for their growth. 

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