The best digital marketing courses

As the current job market is changing with the internet disruption (India being the second largest internet user), a large population is looking forward to enhancing their skills and the digital marketing course will help you with that.

digital marketing course

Digital marketing is their favorite choice; its drastic growth in recent years is the reason for such a choice. This could be attributed to the growth of active internet users in India. 

By 2023, Indian active internet users would grow by 666 million in India and more than 53 billion globally. This kind of figure makes it sensible to shift offline marketing to online, thus creating a need for digital marketing. 

Best Digital Marketing Course

The digital market scope would be worth $160 billion by 2025 ( according to the gold sach report), about three times of current value. 

Digital marketing currently is at the nascent stage. Thus, the early mover would gain the upper hand in the industry. The right choice of course offered by the different platforms could change the career path. 

So here are some of the Best Digital Marketing courses that you can try.

Who should enroll in the digital marketing course?

Digital marketing skills would be critical for digital marketing professionals and a person working in a business with an online presence. That would include entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and business owners. 

Why does the following list consist of the best online digital marketing course?

When you search on google about digital marketing courses, you get a list of various platforms that offer a multitude of such courses. However, that list won’t allow you to compare all the courses in one go, nor will you get a holistic picture of the same. 

The purpose of this guide is to showcase the digital marketing course from a holistic viewpoint. To enable the reader to make a better judgment for the same. 

Most of the courses on the list are available free of cost so, the financial situation won’t be a hurdle in learning for the participant. 

Best digital marketing courses 

  1. Google digital  marketing course 
  2. Savvytree digital marketing course  
  3. Reliablesoft academy 
  4. Semrush academy 
  5. Udemy digital course
  6. Hubspot online marketing course 
  7. Optinmonster digital marketing course 
Best Digital Marketing Course

Google digital marketing course 

Free with certification 

Google offers various courses on its course platform which is the digital garage. One such certification is being provided for the fundamentals of digital marketing. The course includes video and text material. 

The digital marketing course is accredited by the interactive bureau Europe and open university.

This is a good course for the beginner in digital marketing. It would enable a person to understand digital marketing and how the different components work together. 

The certificate is globally recognized, which will help you boost your career.

Google Garage- Digital Courses

Savvytree Digital Marketing course

With certification  

Savvytree offers an exclusive Digital Marketing Course and Internship that would help an individual learn alongside gaining practical application of the theoretical aspect of the same. 

This course would enable you to be industry ready by gaining the knowledge of different tools that are being used in the market currently as the market keeps on changing and one needs to upgrade themselves according to the dynamic conditions of the market.

This course would fetch two-point on the CV as the employer generally wants people with work experience, thus increasing the chance of gaining the job.  

Savvytree Digital Courses

Reliabllesoft academy 

With certification 

The organization’s course includes various aspects of Digital Marketing, like a basic advertisement. 

The course is updated regularly to keep track of the recent market trend that occurs in the market. 

After completion of the course, you will get the certificate. 

Reliabllesoft Academy 

Semrush academy 

With certificate

It is the company behind Digital Marketing tools. Moreover, they have created an academy to enable people to know about digital marketing. 

The course is being offered in English language and some in Spanish language. Upon completion of the course, you become eligible for the certification. 

The course deals with basic to advanced levels, thus giving a person a holistic view of digital marketing. 

Semrush Digital Marketing Courses

Udemy digital marketing course 

With certification 

It is one of the biggest online learning platforms. They offer various courses in the industry with tie-ups with different universities. 

The certificate from udemy is not free, this could be a financial hurdle for many. However, it will be a plus point for the person with some experience who wants to do the same for enhancing the knowledge in the stream of digital marketing. 

Udemy Courses

Hubspot online marketing course 

With certificate 

A leading organization in the field of digital marketing with a wide variety of tools that would include CRM, SEO tools, content marketing, and sales 

The course is taught by professionals who have a year of experience in the industry. You get the certificate upon completion of the course.

Hubspot Digital Marketing Courses

Optinmonster digital marketing training 

Optinmonster is one of the best tools for increasing website conversion. To further help the user, they have created topics related to email marketing and conversion optimization.

It doesn’t include all aspects of digital marketing but would deal with the conversion aspect which could be a skill that the businesses require at the latter stages 

Optinmonster Digital Marketing Course


If you wanna do something in the digital marketing field, It’s better to get yourself acquainted with all the tools and their working. Digital Marketing doesn’t consist of any particular niche/field and includes many fields in itself (naming a few: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine OptimizationEmail marketing, Content writing, and so on). Learn and practice each of the aspects and find out what works best for you and then create your career in that specific field.  

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