State of digital marketing in India

India is the largest growing internet market in the world that is projected to have the internet user
by over 840 million.Thus, there is a massive scope of the digital marketing as the online people could see the business. With the exponential increase in internet usage and mobile activity, the company needs to use digital
marketing tools to reach customers. Digital marketing has a vital role to play in building the online presence of many companies,especially startups or SMEs, who don’t have enough resources to reach the audience.
Benefits of digital marketing also include reaching the masses with relatively less overall cost.

digital marketing

Before dwelling on the topic, let’s understand digital marketing. online marketing promotes a business or product over the internet through various channels and platforms.Successful digital marketing would require the organization to create a strategy that would sufficethe business need.

digital marketing

The current scope of digital marketing

digital marketing

As technology evolves with the introduction of AI, chatbots and virtual reality, online marketing is also changing to fill the need; thus, the marketer needs to be upto date to be successful. 

Digital rise to be a mainstream medium 

It is becoming one of the primary marketing tools to reach a larger audience and low cost. 

With the digital, customer has more control over what they see, which is not  happening in another medium like television 

Online marketing has connected with the consumer in more than one way with the marketer, thus enabling them to make consumers about the product being sold

Online Marketing has connected the marketer with the consumer in more than one way, thus enabling them to make consumers know about the product being sold.

Various challenges 

difficulties in digital marketing

With the digital market showing an upward trend, the industry needs to adapt to the changing regulation and technology before more challenges arise. 

With the introduction of new technology, it has given them a new tool that would boost the business but it has also brought challenges for the marketer like being up to date with the fast changing trends in the industry.


Digital marketing would keep on rising with the upward trend with the increasing usage of smartphones and social media. The advantages of online marketing would enable a marketer to interact with the audience and customer differently. However, marketers need to be up to date with the new emerging technology like the AI assistant and their impact on how this could be used to interact with the customer. 

with the current changing trend learn digital marketing with savvytree where you would be given theoretical knowledge about the different digital marketing trend along with the practical aspect of the trend of digital marketing. 

digital marketing


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