Entry-level jobs for a Digital Marketer

With the increase in the number of people reaching online thus, the business is getting the customer through digital marketing; Which increases the demand of the digital marketer. 

According to one profile, the first step after learning about the digital marketing is gaining a suitable job (digital marketer). The following profile is the typical digital marketer profile available in the industry.

digital marketing

Entry-level Digital Marketer

It is a junior marketing professional who would be responsible for doing online promotion of the website with the help of different digital marketing channel they assists senior digital marketer.

The person could advance the career path as the digital marketing manager and finally to Chief marketing officer

The pay scale would vary from 25kper month to 1lakh per month depending on experience one gain the field 

digital marketer

SEO specialist 

SEO specialists are responsible for improving website ranking in the search engine result. They would be responsible for monitoring and analyzing the performance of the website, performing the A/B testing, performing keyword and market research.

The career path one follows junior SEO specialist, mid-level SEO specialist, SEO expert, SEO manager, SEO consultant 

The pay scale could vary from Rs20k to Rs 1 Lakh per month 

digital marketing job

Content marketing specialist 

The person is responsible for increasing the campaign’s visibility as they provide content for the campaign. The person needs to make the content search engine friendly so that the campaign could appear on the top list, would be required to use the web analysis and reporting tools 

The career path is content specialist, content marketer, content strategist, content marketing manager, content marketing director 

The pay scale could vary from Rs 30k to 1.2 lakh per month 

digital marketing

Social media manager 

They would be responsible for managing the company’s social media host, thus increasing its social media presence. Furthermore, keep a check that all the information posted on social media is in alignment with the goal of the company.

As the people gain experience, they would be given the responsibility of the social media campaign and analyze the impact of the same

The career path is a junior social media manager and senior social media manager 

The salary is 24k -60k per month 

digital marketing

PPC specialist (SEM) 

A PPC specialist or SEM is responsible for running a paid search campaign on a search engine. The person would be held accountable for conducting the keyword research, monitoring performance, creating and optimizing the ads, and performance competitor analysis 

The career path a person follows is being a junior PPC specialist, PPC expert 

Salary, a person, could expect is 20k – 50k per month 


Graphic designer 

When a business is present online, they need a graphic designer who can handle web designing, ads, infographics, charts, or illustration. 

The journey of a graphic designer starts as an associate, and with gaining the experience, they would reach the senior position 

The salary of a graphic designer vary 60k – 2 lakh per month 

graphic designer

Affiliate marketing manager 

The person would be responsible for handling the online affiliate marketing program. Many organizations don’t require a person for this position, so demand is low in the industry. It is also a good option as a digital marketer.

The career would start as an associate, and with the increasing experience, the person would be responsible for taking care of the teams 

digital marketiong


For any position, take the relevant course and slowly reach the top over time; digital marketing is a coming stream; thus, there is high demand and low supply. If a person knows all these job roles which are mentioned above person can be a senior digital marketer (digital marketing manager).

Being prepared of this opportunity always beneficial, get preparation right with the savvytree digital marketing course and internship the course which would provide the practical knowledge about digital marketing alongside with the theoretical. 

digital marketing


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