Pay per click (PPC)- Best way to get started

Step to create a digital marketing PPC campaign

A ppc campaign would bring more traffic to the site and would improve brand awareness, drive more sale 

PPC campaign is run online where the company pay the third party a certain amount of money if someone clicks on the ads displayed on their sites. simply person pays if someone clicks on the ads displayed. 

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By taking the time, you could decrease overwhelm in the board and plan digital marketing step by step. 

This post will act as a guide to formulate your ppc campaign; the following step has to be followed for developing the marketing campaign


Set your marketing goals 

We need to decide the reason for initiating the ppc campaign. There would be multiple goals that an organization wants to achieve. However, keeping many agendas in mind, the campaign could be disrupted, thus creating a well-defined objective. 

Running multiple campaigns, you would receive data to help understand which campaign is working better than other campaigns. 

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Identify your target market 

Understand the audience you want to direct your campaign; a campaign couldn’t be directed to every person. By segmenting the population, the organization could direct the campaign in a better way. 

If multiple different audiences are selected, you have to create customer avatars for the organization’s audience or target market. 

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Carry out keyword and topic research 

By figuring out the right keyword, you would be aware of the type of words the user would be using to search for the product and service your organization offers. 

Keyword search will help your campaign to move in the right direction. Keywords are most important step for craeating an Ads campagin

google ads campaign

Do market research and competitor analysis 

Organizations should be aware of the customer habit and their general preference, as it would help plan campaigns more effectively—moreover a better chance of campaign success. 

You could also model the successful competitor campaign, giving a shortcut process and a greater chance for the campaign to succeed. 

facebook ad campagin

Choose the delivery channel and set the budget 

When you are initiating the campaign at that time campaign should be started through the utilization of  the one or two-channel

Any digital marketing person has to come up with a budget, although digital marketing is the cheapest form of marketing. Furthermore, the campaign would require money and time to reach the desired audience. 

The budget should include things that would be spent within the company and any additional cost to the external agency. 

set budget for ad campaign

Create content assets 

Content assets like a blog post and video will be relatively static. However, you can be more creative with the promotion strategy that would be a promotion tactic that would bring you closer to the goals. 

The content asset of the ppc campaign revolves around the data that one possess. 

content for Ads campaign

The run pilot campaign first 

If you would be running any kind of ppc campaign, you will need to run the test campaign to check the campaign’s work to safeguard one budget. 

With the test campaign, one would gain insight into the campaign. Thus, improvisation could be undertaken after inculcating the feedback. 

Organizations need to balance the small initial budget and gain enough data for the advertisement. 

google ads campaign

Monitor the campaign and analyze their performance 

With the utilization of the ppc campaign, there is sample available data. While analyzing this data, focus on the campaign’s initial goal as it would enable you to study only the relevant data. 

After analyzing the data organization could easily draw an image of what factors are working and what are not, Thus minimizing the cost of running the campaign. 

Analyis Ads

Allocate more budget to profitable activities

 After analyzing the data, you would recognize a profitable campaign and now invest more in such a campaign. Slowly increase investment in such a campaign and gain more data, which could further refine the campaign. 

budget of ads campaign

Set up remarketing campaign 

Remarketing is to run ads to visitors who have already visited the site earlier. These ads would appear during the daily activity of the visitor. These ads would follow the visitor around the web. And direct them back to the organization’s website. 

Another type of marketing that won’t e relying on the advertisement is email marketing, which would help the customer remember to complete the task they were supposed to complete. 

remarketing campaign


The ppc campaign begins with choosing the right marketing goal that would be attainable and trackable; then, a person needs to research the keywords. That could be utilized in the campaign, followed by which you will have to set the campaign’s budget. Finally, you would be creating the content asset that you would need to run the campaign, then could upscale your budget after knowing the campaign’s working. 

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