Instagram tests “Friend Map” showing live locations

Calling all social butterflies! Instagram is buzzing with a new feature in the test hive: Friend Map. This feature, similar to Snap Map, allows users to share their real-time location with chosen friends, potentially bringing a new layer of connection to the platform.

Here’s the buzz on what we know:

  • See where your friends are: Friend Map displays a world map where you can see the approximate locations of your friends who opt-in to share.
  • Control who sees you: You decide who gets to see your location on the map, offering privacy control.
  • Beyond the present: The map might show both live location and past locations based on your settings, potentially including places you’ve tagged in posts and stories.
  • Notes for the journey: Friend Map might also include a “Notes” feature, allowing you to leave comments tied to specific locations.

What’s the potential impact?

  • Spontaneous hangouts: Seeing where your friends are could spark spontaneous meet-ups and boost real-life interactions.
  • Enhanced engagement: Friend Map might encourage more sharing and interaction on the platform.
  • Privacy concerns: Sharing location data raises privacy concerns, and users will need to weigh the benefits against potential risks.

It’s important to note:

  • Friend Map is currently in the testing phase, and it’s unclear if or when it will be available to everyone.
  • Privacy controls will likely be crucial for the success of this feature.


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