DM Your Favorite Brand Now on Linkedin

LinkedIn just upped the game for professional networking! Gone are the days of simply following a company page and hoping they notice your stellar profile. Now, you can directly message your favorite brand on LinkedIn, opening a whole new world of communication and connection.

This is a game-changer for both professionals and brands. Here’s why:

For Professionals:

  • Get Your Voice Heard: Have a brilliant idea for a company’s product or service? A direct message allows you to share your thoughts directly with the brand, bypassing traditional comment sections.
  • Network Like a Pro: Looking to connect with someone specific at a company? Sending a personalized message through LinkedIn DMs demonstrates initiative and can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Land Your Dream Job: Many companies use LinkedIn to scout talent. A well-crafted DM expressing your interest in a specific role or highlighting your relevant skills can make a lasting impression.

For Brands:

  • Build Relationships: Foster a more personal connection with your audience. Respond directly to customer inquiries, address concerns, and build brand loyalty.
  • Source Top Talent: LinkedIn DMs are a fantastic way to discover hidden gems in the job market. Engaging conversations with potential candidates can lead to great hires.
  • Spark Valuable Insights: DMs offer a direct line to customer feedback. Use these conversations to understand your audience better, identify areas for improvement, and inform product development.

But Before You Hit Send:

  • Keep it Professional: Remember, you’re still on a professional platform. Craft a clear, concise message that is relevant to the brand.
  • Do Your Research: Check the company’s profile for contact information or specific departments you might want to reach.
  • Offer Value: Don’t just send a generic “Hi there!” Explain why you’re reaching out and what value you can bring to the conversation.

With LinkedIn DMs, the lines between following and interacting just got blurred. So, fire up your LinkedIn app and start connecting with the brands that matter to you!


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