Meta Adds Age Checks for VR Users

Meta, the company behind Facebook and the popular Meta Quest VR headsets, is taking a step towards creating a safer virtual reality experience. They’ve recently announced the implementation of age verification checks for all Quest users.

This move highlights Meta’s commitment to child protection in the VR space. By verifying a user’s age, Meta can ensure:

  • Age-appropriate experiences: Games and apps can be tailored for specific age groups, keeping potentially inappropriate content away from younger users.
  • Enhanced privacy: Default settings for younger users can be set to private, limiting who can see their activity and profile information.
  • Parental control: Parents of teens (aged 13-17) will have access to a wider range of parental supervision tools to monitor and manage their VR experiences.

Why Age Checks Matter in VR?

Virtual Reality offers incredible experiences, but it’s important to remember that it’s a new frontier. Just like the real world, VR can expose users to potentially risky content or situations. Age verification helps mitigate these risks by creating a safer environment for everyone.

How Will Age Checks Work?

Meta will be prompting all Quest users to confirm their age. Users will have two options:

  • For users over 13: Verification can be done through a credit card or government ID.
  • For younger users: Parental confirmation will be required to create a “preteen account” with stricter privacy settings and parental controls.

Here are some additional tips for VR safety:

  • Be aware of the age rating of VR experiences before using them.
  • Take breaks often to avoid VR fatigue or dizziness.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings in the real world while using VR.

Meta’s age checks are a welcome addition to the VR landscape. By working together, parents, developers, and platforms like Meta can create a safe and enjoyable VR experience for everyone.


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