Google Changed AdSense payment structure

Google has announced that it is changing its AdSense payment structure. The new structure will see publishers paid by impression, as opposed to a flat-fee share structure for AdSense revenue share.

What does this mean for publishers?

Google says that most publishers will see no impact from the change, but some may see a small increase or decrease in their earnings. The exact impact will vary depending on the type of ads that are displayed on the publisher’s website and the performance of those ads.

How does the new payment structure work?

Under the new payment structure, publishers will receive 80% of the revenue generated from their ads, after the advertiser platform takes its fee. This fee will vary depending on the platform, but Google says that it will be on average 15% of advertiser spend.

When will the new payment structure go into effect?

Google says that the new payment structure will go into effect in early 2024. Publishers will be notified of the exact date in advance.

What can publishers do to prepare for the change?

Google recommends that publishers review their AdSense settings to make sure that they are accurate and up-to-date. Publishers should also make sure that their websites are optimized for display ads.


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