Google Improves Discovery Ads for Better Engagement and Conversions

As online consumers increasingly turn to platforms like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail for product research, it’s more important than ever for advertisers to engage them at the right moment.

With the majority of consumers taking action when they discover something new, the latest features in Google’s Discovery ads offer an excellent opportunity for brands to connect with their target audiences and boost conversions

New Google Updates: Product Feed In Discovery Ad, Product-Level Reports & Data-Driven Attribution

To help advertisers make the move when customers are ready to make a purchase, Google is now rolling out an update to the platform’s discovery ads.

Product feeds will now be available in discovery ads to all advertisers. You can now use lifestyle images and short text along with your merchant center feed to deliver relevant ads.

This can help you achieve 45% more conversions at a similar CPA.

Combining display & YouTube ads can help you boost engagement.

Later this month, Google will also roll out product-level reporting to help advertisers track how their products are performing in the product feed(in terms of impressions & clicks).

In the second quarter of this year, data-driven attribution model will also be available for discovery campaigns.

Overall, these updates will boost the engagement rate of your ads.

By utilizing the new product feed in discovery campaigns along with maximize conversion bidding strategy & data-driven attribution, you can not only improve your conversion rate, but also encourage your prospects to become your customers, when and where they are ready.


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