Google Updates Their Search Quality Guidelines

Did you know that google has trained professionals all over the world who rate the quality of search results (and your blog or website)?

You can easily access these 170+ page guidelines to understand what google considers a “quality webpage”. These guidelines don’t just impact your position on the SERPs, these help Google decide if your website is worth being on the first page.

The search raters analyze each website based on many guidelines and criteria, the most well-known of which is the EAT.

Let’s understand what these mean:

E – Expertise

A – Authoritativeness

T – Trustworthiness

These three factors signal, according to Google, demonstrates how reliable the content of a webpage is.

Google Has Recently Updated These Guidelines…

Google has now updated these guidelines to include the experience of the content creator.

The EAT has now become EEAT or double EAT.

google eeat guidelines

What Does This Mean For You?

Google now values personal insights over generic facts in certain types of content.

This is just another attempt to make search as helpful for users as possible.

Obviously, for healthcare, legal and financial advice, reliable information from trusted sources will be valued over opinions and experiences. For these types of content, Google will continue to give more importance to facts and the reliability of the source.

“These are not fundamentally new ideas. And we’re by no means abandoning the fundamental principle that Search seeks to surface reliable information, especially on topics where information quality is critically important. Rather, we hope these updates better capture the nuances of how people look for information and the diversity of quality information that exists in the world.” – Google

Source: Google

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