Incognito Mode Controls In X

X is adding a new control that will enable Spaces hosts to decide if they let non logged-in and private users join their chats in the app. This week, X has added a new “Allow Incognito” setting to Spaces, which will let Spaces hosts decide which users to tune into their audio discussion.

Tuning into X Spaces anonymously is now a reality, thanks to the platform’s latest feature: incognito mode. This move echoes X’s July decision to let users hide their verification checkmarks, suggesting a growing awareness of users’ desire for privacy and discretion.

Elon Musk’s ownership of X, with his often controversial stances and associations, fuels the need for anonymity even further. His recent Spaces chat with Alex Jones and Andrew Tate is a prime example of a potentially polarizing discussion that some might want to listen to without broadcasting their participation.

Musk’s offer to cover legal fees for X-related career repercussions further underscores the potential risks associated with public engagement on the platform. Incognito mode provides a safety net, encouraging broader participation and maximizing engagement.

Who will use incognito mode? While casual eavesdropping might be a factor, the feature caters primarily to two groups:

  • Non-logged-in users: This opens X Spaces to a wider audience who might prefer not to create an account.
  • Discretion seekers: Those drawn to potentially controversial discussions can now participate without leaving a digital footprint.

Host in control: X empowers Spaces hosts to decide whether to allow incognito listeners, ensuring they maintain control over their own online communities. Currently in beta testing, this feature promises to reshape X’s audio landscape, offering a more nuanced and inclusive experience for everyone.


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