Instagram Shares Their Plan For 2023

Unlike, well, most of us, Instagram has actually achieved their 2022 goals. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, noted that the key focus in 2022 was on videos, messages, and promoting transparency. He has also kindly shared the direction they are headed in 2023 with us.

Let’s hear directly from him:

In 2022, their key focus was on promoting video content, which is why reels did so well on the platform(and they will continue to be a blast in 2023).

To keep the conversation going in messages, they tested and rolled out “Notes” which is where you share prompts (or heartfelt messages) with your close friends (or the people you follow back).

They also expanded the “Account Status” feature to promote transparency on the platform.

What Will Instagram Be Like In 2023?

In 2023, Instagram will focus on three key things:

  • Creativity
  • Discoverability
  • Connections

1. Creativity

Adam Moserri notes that “those amazing photo filters and crazy frames” was what Instagram was all about back in the day.

Since, Instagram, at its core, is the platform for creating and sharing beautiful memories, they will likely share new, “crazier” filters in the upcoming year.

The social platform that can best facilitate simplified 3D creation, in all its many applications, stands to win out in the AR/VR shift, and you can expect to see Instagram looking to add more tools along these lines throughout the next year. – Andrew Hutchinson, Content and Social Media Manager, Social Media Today

Here is how you can best take advantage of this feature:

Be on the lookout for new filters, editing tools, and experiences that Instagram rolls out in 2023. Grab the opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

2. Discoverability

You can now expect to see even more content from the accounts you don’t follow in your feed.

Sharing AI-recommended content in your feed is going to be a key priority for Instagram in 2023.

Make sure that you relevant hashtags and keywords in your caption. Optimize your copy with keywords that your target audience is searching for. This will help more people discover your post as Instagram moves towards pushing AI- recommended content in their feed.

Also, please go through their recommendation guidelines to ensure that your content is eligible for recommendation.

3. Connections

To help people form meaningful connections on the platform, they have already announced nominations, candid stories, collaborative collections, and group profiles.

Again, helping people create and capture memories was why Instagram was first launched. And, they are likely trying to go back to their roots.

Try to post more candid content and share “behind the scene” photos and videos in 2023. Sure, memes perform well. They may be why people follow you but they will never be why people buy from you.

Ultimately, make sure that you post relevant, relatable, timely, and trendy content on the platform. That’s what the algorithm loves and that’s what your audience really wants to see when they interact with you.

Source: Social Media Today


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