Instagram trials AI-powered background editing

Instagram’s testing some interesting new sticker options for feed posts and Stories, which could provide new opportunities for marketers in the app.

First off, Instagram’s working on a new AI “Backdrop” sticker, which enables you to replace the background of any image.

Which is pretty much the reverse of its recently added “Cutout” stickers, which use the same process to identify the main element, so that you can cut it out and use it as a sticker in other posts. And really, that would facilitate much the same functionality, though this could make it a little easier to quickly reframe your images in entirely new settings and scenarios.

Which could be good for marketers looking to create more versions of their creative, or if you wanted to tap into a trending theme quickly. Worth noting too that Meta is also in the process of rolling out a similar background replacement option for ads, within its Ad Manager tools, though the Backdrop tool could see more usage, as it would be built into the regular composer.

It’s not clear if all users, and/or business accounts will get access to the option, or when, but it could be a handy additional editing feature for your IG uploads.

The other new element in testing is a “Get Orders” sticker, which would enable brands to create a product in-stream, then attach that to a feed post or Story to drive direct response.


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