LinkedIn Tests Dedicated Video Feed

LinkedIn is testing a brand new feature: a dedicated video feed inspired by the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels.

This move signals a significant shift for the professional networking platform, traditionally known for its text-based content and static profiles. But with the rise of short-form video as the preferred learning method for many, LinkedIn is adapting to keep users engaged.

What to expect:

Imagine a world where you can swipe through bite-sized videos packed with career tips, industry insights, and professional anecdotes. That’s exactly what LinkedIn’s new video feed promises. Early testers report a full-screen, vertical video experience similar to other popular platforms. Users can expect to:

  • Discover short, informative videos: From interview prep hacks to industry leader Q&As, the feed will be a treasure trove of career-focused content.
  • Engage with creators: Like, comment, and share videos to spark conversations and build connections.
  • Learn on the go: Short videos are perfect for consuming valuable information during commutes or coffee breaks.

Why the switch to video?

LinkedIn acknowledges that videos are becoming a preferred format for professional learning. This new feature caters to that trend, making it easier for users to discover relevant and engaging content.

Benefits for creators and viewers alike

The dedicated video feed presents exciting opportunities for both content creators and viewers. Creators can:

  • Reach a wider audience: The new feed offers a platform to showcase their expertise and potentially gain a loyal following.
  • Engage in a new way: Videos allow creators to add personality and storytelling to their professional brand.

Viewers can:

  • Learn from industry leaders: Gain insights and advice directly from experienced professionals.
  • Find fresh perspectives: Discover new voices and approaches within their field.
  • Stay up-to-date on trends: Short videos are a great way to catch the latest industry buzz and developments.

The future of video on LinkedIn

While still in the testing phase, the dedicated video feed hints at a future where video plays a central role on LinkedIn. This could pave the way for:

  • Live video events: Webinars, workshops, and Q&A sessions could all be hosted directly on the platform.
  • Enhanced company profiles: Businesses could leverage video to showcase their work culture and attract top talent.

Are you ready to swap your suit for some studio lights?

The rise of video on LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for professionals to connect, learn, and grow.


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