Meta Expands Business Tools for WhatsApp in India

Meta is expanding its WhatsApp business push in India, despite regulatory challenges. The company announced new features at its second annual Conversations conference in Mumbai, including a new business option called “WhatsApp Flows” that will enable businesses to offer expanded functionality in the app.

India is WhatsApp’s biggest usage region by far, with over 500 million users. Meta is keen to convert WhatsApp into a key platform for all sorts of interactive and transactional exchanges, but its progress has been slowed by conflicts with local regulators.

Still, Meta is pushing ahead with its plans. WhatsApp Flows will allow businesses to create custom experiences within chat threads, such as booking appointments, placing orders, or checking in for flights. This will make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and provide them with a more seamless experience.

Meta is also expanding its Meta Verified program to business profiles on WhatsApp. Verified businesses will get a blue checkmark, along with access to direct support and the ability to create a custom WhatsApp page that’s discoverable via a web search.

Meta’s expansion of its WhatsApp business push in India is a sign of the company’s commitment to the Indian market. Meta sees India as a key growth driver, and it is investing heavily in the country. The new features that Meta is announcing are designed to make WhatsApp more appealing to businesses and consumers alike.

WhatsApp is expanding its features to become more like WeChat, a popular messaging app in China. This allows users to conduct a wider range of activities within the app, such as booking appointments, placing orders, and making payments.

It remains to be seen whether users actually want these features, but they will provide more options for brands to consider.

WhatsApp is also expanding its in-stream payment options in India. Users can now add items to their cart and send a payment using their preferred method.

These changes are part of Meta’s efforts to make WhatsApp a more comprehensive platform for both businesses and consumers.

WhatsApp has expanded its payment options in India to support all UPI apps, debit and credit cards, via partnerships with Razorpay and PayU. This will significantly expand its payment capacity in the region.

Meta is still restricted in how far it can expand payments (the Indian Government has given Meta approval to enable 100 million people to use its payment services in the region at present), but its partnerships with local providers will enable broader payment options.

Meta also announced that its Meta Verified program will soon be expanded to business profiles as well. WhatsApp verification will also be another offering within this element.

Meta Verified, a program that gives businesses a blue checkmark and access to direct support, is coming to WhatsApp. Businesses will also be able to create a custom WhatsApp page that’s discoverable via a web search.

Meta Verified is currently being tested with small businesses using the WhatsApp Business app, and it will be rolled out to businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform in the future.

This new program is part of Meta’s efforts to make WhatsApp a more comprehensive platform for businesses. It will give businesses more ways to connect with their customers and provide them with a better experience.


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