Twitter’s New Gold Revolution: What Do Gold Checkmarks On Twitter Mean?

Twitter is now ready to re-launch their $8 verification subscription.

However, acknowledging marketers’ concerns about scammers purchasing and abusing checkmarks, Twitter has made the following changes to the new verification system.

Blue, Gold & Grey Checkmarks

Blue Checkmarks: Blue Checkmarks indicate that the account was verified under the old verification system. Or, they may also indicate that the account has an active subscription to their new verification product.

The cost of this infamous verification is $8 on the web and $11 on iOS devices.

Twitter is now also adding an account-review step to the sign-up process.

This means that you cannot receive a blue checkmark until someone from their team confirms that:

  • Your account is complete: It is a profile name and display picture.
  • Your account is active: Your account needs to be active for at least 30 days before you are eligible for verification.
  • Your account is safe: Your account needs to be on the platform for at least 90 days to be verified.
  • Your account is non-deceptive: Your account should not have any signs of deception or manipulating(or spamming) the platform or its users.

Gold Checkmarks: Twitter will now verify business accounts with gold checkmarks.

Business accounts, previously verified by blue checkmarks, will have their checkmarks turn gold automatically.

Twitter will soon launch a subscription for gold checkmarks.

In the meanwhile, businesses can still apply for the blue checkmarks.

Grey Checkmarks: Elon also announced grey checkmarks for government accounts. But, this feature hasn’t yet been rolled out.

Official Labels

Twitter will also add official labels to the following accounts:

  • Government accounts
  • State-affiliated profiles
  • National spokesperson
  • Individuals who actively engage in politics and are associated with a political party
  • Foreign ministers
  • National Diplomats

These labels will also contain information about the country they are associated with and whether it is operated by the government or a media entity.

The labels for individual political figures will contain information about the state and the party they are associated with.


In addition to these checkmarks and labels, Twitter has also promised:

  • The ability to upload longer videos
  • 50% less ads in your feed
  • Priority placement of tweets by verified accounts in their audience’s feeds.

What do you think of the changes Twitter is making to the platform? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments below.

Source: SEO Journal


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