Whatsapp Launches “Disappearing Voice Notes”

WhatsApp has launched a new feature called “View Once” for audio messages. This feature allows users to send voice notes that will disappear after the recipient has listened to them once. This is similar to the “View Once” feature that was already available for photos and videos.

The “View Once” feature for audio messages is currently being rolled out to beta testers on both Android and iOS. It is expected to be released to all users in the coming weeks.

To use the “View Once” feature, simply record a voice note and then tap on the “1” icon. This will activate the “View Once” mode. Once you send the voice note, the recipient will only be able to listen to it once. After they have listened to it, it will disappear from their chat history.

The “View Once” feature for audio messages is a great way to add an extra layer of privacy to your conversations. It is perfect for sending sensitive information that you do not want the recipient to be able to save or share.

Here are some of the benefits of using the “View Once” feature for audio messages:

  • Increased privacy: The “View Once” feature ensures that the recipient cannot save or share your voice note. This is a great way to protect your privacy.
  • More control over your content: The “View Once” feature gives you more control over your content. You can choose who you want to see your voice note and how long they can see it for.
  • Reduced clutter: The “View Once” feature helps to reduce clutter in your chat history. Since voice notes disappear after they have been listened to, they will not take up space in your chat history.
  • More spontaneous conversations: The “View Once” feature can help you to have more spontaneous conversations. You can say things that you might not otherwise say if you knew the recipient could save or share your voice note.

Overall, the “View Once” feature for audio messages is a great way to add an extra layer of privacy and control to your WhatsApp conversations.


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