WhatsApp Now Allows You to Share Your Screen During Video Calls

WhatsApp now lets you share your screen during video calls, making it easier than ever to collaborate and share information in real time.

WhatsApp Now Allows You to Share Your Screen During Video Calls
Image Source: https://twitter.com/wcathcart/status/1689033744198606848

As you can see in this example from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp now lets you share your device screen with other participants in a video call. This will make it easier to collaborate on projects, give presentations, and more, all within the private chat platform.

Video has become a more important part of WhatsApp as the platform continues to grow in popularity in Western markets. Last month, WhatsApp added video messages to chats, and it also rolled out picture-in-picture support for video calls earlier this year.

WhatsApp users have been able to conduct video calls with up to 32 people since early last year. The new screen-sharing feature adds another way to engage participants and share more specific examples in real time.

This update is a handy addition for both regular users and brands. Business users can use it to highlight their latest products and offerings, while regular users can use it to hold watch parties or share memes with friends.

WhatsApp says that the screen-sharing feature is rolling out today and will be available to all users shortly. This is a good addition with a range of possibilities, and I’m excited to see how people use it.


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