X Makes Live Streaming for Premium User

Get ready for your live streams, folks! X has announced a controversial move: live streaming will soon be exclusive to its premium subscribers. This means if you want to host a live video on the platform, you’ll need to pony up for a monthly subscription.

Why the Change?

X hasn’t revealed all its cards, but there are a few possible reasons for this shift. One theory is that X is aiming to combat copyright infringement. Live streams have reportedly been used to broadcast unauthorized content, and a paywall could deter these activities. Additionally, X might be looking to boost its premium subscriptions, which haven’t exactly taken off yet.

Impact on Users

This decision is bound to ruffle some feathers. Free live streaming has been a cornerstone of X’s platform, allowing users to share real-time experiences and connect with audiences directly. With a paywall in place, some worry that citizen journalism and spontaneous content creation will take a hit.

The Future of Live Streaming

Will X’s gamble pay off? It remains to be seen. While some users might be willing to pay to go live, others might migrate to free live streaming alternatives. This could fragment the live streaming landscape, with X catering to a more professional or niche audience.


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