Instagram Adds Live Streams for Close Friends Only

Sharing live moments on Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your followers, but sometimes you might crave a more intimate atmosphere. Well, Instagram heard your whispers (or maybe your DMs) because they just introduced a brand new feature: Live Streams for Close Friends Only!

This update caters to our desire for more private and personal online interactions. Previously, your live streams were visible to everyone who followed you, which could be limiting, especially if you wanted to share something more personal or low-key.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you go to start a live stream, you’ll now see a new option alongside the usual “Everyone” and “Practice” – “Close Friends.”
  • Selecting “Close Friends” means your live stream will only be broadcasted to the chosen few on your Close Friends list.
  • You can also invite your Close Friends to co-host or join the stream, creating a fun and interactive experience for your inner circle.

This new feature brings several benefits:

  • More comfortable sharing: Feel free to loosen up and be yourself, knowing only your trusted crew is watching.
  • Stronger connections: Foster a deeper sense of connection with your Close Friends by sharing more personal moments.
  • Exclusive content: Give your Close Friends a special treat with live streams they won’t find anywhere else.

So, how can you leverage this new feature?

  • Host Q&A sessions: Get real and answer questions in a relaxed setting with your closest followers.
  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses: Offer exclusive peeks into your life or creative process.
  • Casual hangouts: Just shoot the breeze and connect with your Close Friends in a live format.

Overall, Instagram’s Close Friends Live Streams are a welcome addition for anyone who wants to create a more intimate and personal live experience. So, get your Close Friends list ready and start streaming!


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