YouTube Clips Insights for Content Strategy

YouTube Studio now shows how many clips have been created from your videos and how many views those clips have generated.

YouTube Studio now has a new “Clips” section that shows a list of all the clips that have been created from your videos. You can see who created each clip, when it was created, and how many views it has generated. This information can help you understand which of your videos are driving more engagement and reach.

YouTube’s new Clips insights can help you understand which parts of your videos are most engaging and resonant with different audiences. This information can help you improve your content strategy and boost its appeal.

For example, you can see which comedic moments are working best, which tips are resonating, and which actors or presenters get the most attention.

YouTube is always adding more analytics features, and the new Clips insights are similar to the Shorts remix analytics, which provide insights into expanded Shorts engagement and song usage for musicians.

The new Clips insights will give you a more complete view of the impact of your content, which can help you make better decisions about your planning and strategy moving forward.


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