YouTube’s New Monetization Guidelines

YouTube announced new updates to their Advertiser Friendly Guidelines on December 1, 2022. These guidelines determine what content is eligible for monetization.

YouTube creators have often criticized AFGs as these guidelines can demonetize their content in less than a day.

It is very important for YouTubers to stay updated and create content based on new guidelines.

Let’s go through some of the changes they have made to these AFGs:

YouTube Update, YouTube's monetization guidelines

1. Adult Content: A thumbnail, title, or video that has adult links, obscene language, or material or acts intended to be sexually gratifying may not be eligible for monetization.

2. Violence: Acts or videos intended to shock or scare viewers may not receive ad revenue. Dead bodies should not be shown in a video without any context. Gaming videos with violence directed at a real person will not be monetized. Gaming videos with violent displays after the first 8 seconds of the video can receive ad revenue.

3. Dangerous Acts: Videos featuring minors involved in dangerous acts and stunts will not be monetized.

4. Inappropriate Language: Profanity will no longer be judged based on severity. YouTube has also acknowledged that they no longer treat words like “hell” and “damn” as profane. Videos in which profanity appears after the first 8 seconds may be eligible for monetization.

5. Drug-Related Content: Mention of drugs it drug use in gaming videos will make your videos ineligible for monetization.

6. Dishonest Behaviour: Usage(or mention of) of hacking software in e-sports will make such videos ineligible for monetization.

Pretending to be a retail shop employee/manager without the permission of the property owner will no longer be tolerated. Such videos will not receive any ad revenue.

Overall, these guidelines are meant to help advertisers show their ads on decent content. To prevent their content from being demonetized, all YouTube creators must comply with them and produce content that is honest, helpful, and modest.

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