How to Improve your Social Media Marketing Skills?

What is social media marketing?

Social Media is omnipresent these days. It is present and relevant for anything, from the biggest mega-conglomerates to the smallest of mom-and-pop shops, all of them are utilising social media, and in turn social media marketing to help them thrive. So what is social media marketing and how to improve your social media marketing skills?

Social Media Marketing is essentially using social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and more to market yourself and increase your reach. Social media marketing is definitely not easy and it can be daunting to explore all of that without proper guidance, so we are here to help you understand how to improve your social media marketing skills and how you can make your content more widely appealing, and yourself more widely recognized! To begin with, here are some tips to improve social media marketing.

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The Bedrock for all your social media marketing to rest on is good content. You need to have content that is good, in demand in your target audience and easy to understand. People are also wildly fickle in what they like or not and it is impossible to predict what will actually happen to any content posted online. But to ensure the maximum success of your content, you will need to research heavily, both your target audience and yourself, to find out what you can post and how.


Context is equally important to content, as ill-timed content can be useless or even harmful in some cases. Context is very important in terms of Social Media because you will not be able to defend or explain your post, so the context in which you post needs to be clear and understandable.


Social Media is all about creating your own personal brand. All your posts and content will define who you are. Your personal identity will be what sells your content and what makes you stand out amongst the rest. Developing an identity that your target audience can relate to and want to follow will be the key to getting your audience to interact with you. You will need to interact with your audience as well, after all, it is SOCIAL Media.

Utilise Tools and Plan Ahead

The most important thing for Social Media Managers to utilise is the multitude of tools that are available. They make everything, from planning to collaborating much easier. At higher levels it is almost impossible to work efficiently without these tools at your disposal, so it always pays to be familiar with them from the get go. Tools like Canva,GrammarlyTrello and Clickup are some of the most used tools out there. Planning your content ahead of time and planning when they are released is also another skill, as engagement can depend on time of posting and a lot of factors.

Utilising these tools properly will be the key in how to improve your social media marketing skills, and more important, how to improve your digital marketing skills.

Data Analysis

To understand what is effective and what is not, data analysis is a necessity. When handling social media accounts, you will be dealing with a lot of data and understanding and analysing them is quite important. You need this analysis to properly understand what posts are doing better, what trends are working, what time to post and it impacts almost every other factor in the management of the social media account.

Keeping up with the Trends

Finally, it goes without saying that to stay relevant on social media, you will need to keep up with the latest trends and happenings in your industry. Utilising trends and moment marketing is the key to making relevant posts and staying ahead of the curve in terms of competition. Social Media Marketing is very trend-heavy and relies a lot on the habits of users, which we can use to our advantage.

We see that there are a lot of things to do when it comes to learning how to improve your social media marketing skills. However it all can be done with lots of practice and experience. Personal Experience is very important in properly utilising Social Media, as there are no hard rules for the engagement in this scenario. You can do whatever works for you and if it works, then you are already successful.

To learn more about social media management, and other similar courses, you can check out the comprehensive digital marketing course from SavvyTree Digital.


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