Top 6 Remote Digital Marketing Job Profiles

As a result of the pandemic outbreak, many businesses have adopted a hybrid model that allows their employees to work from home or on-site. Many digital marketers also now prefer remote jobs.

If you are one of them, here are the top 6 remote digital marketing job profiles that you need to apply for:

Best Remote Digital Marketing Job Profiles

  • PPC Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist and Manager
  • Content Specialist and Marketer
  • Copywriter
work from home digital marketing jobs

1. PPC Specialist

digital marketing work from home jobs

It is one of the best remote digital marketing job profiles. As a PPC specialist, your focus will be on managing paid Google Ads campaigns. You will be expected to develop a campaign strategy, create ads, and evaluate the success of the campaign.

The skills you will need to apply for this position are keyword research, analytical thinking, and copywriting.

SEO Specialist

digital marketing work-from-home jobs

It is also a remote job profile for digital marketers. You will be responsible for designing and managing organic search campaigns. To be an SEO expert, you need to have a deep understanding of how the search engine works and what techniques you can follow to rank on Google.

The key skills required for this job are keyword research, optimizing content, performance analysis, and performing SEO audits.

Digital Marketing Specialist

work from home digital marketing jobs

As a digital marketing specialist, you will be expected to create and execute campaigns across various digital marketing channels.

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To become a digital marketer, you should have a deep understanding of the way different digital marketing channels. Your day-to-day roles and responsibilities would include managing organic search campaigns, creating ads for PPC campaigns, reviewing and analyzing data from an email marketing campaign, monitoring social media platforms for reach, brand engagement, and optimizing the brand website for conversion.

Social Media Specialist and Manager

digital marketing remote jobs

In this remote digital marketing job profile, you will work on brand awareness, engagement, and conversion through social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With some experience, you will be promoted to the job role of social media manager, who creates and monitors all social media campaigns run by the company.

As a social media specialist, you will be required to have a deep understanding of the working of social media platforms and audience uniqueness.

Content Specialist and Marketer

digital marketing remote jobs

As the name suggests, a content marketer creates engaging content meant to reach your target audience. You should have a deep understanding of SEO and be creative to engage the audience and at the same time perform well in the search engine.

You will be responsible for creating content for websites, social media, email, or other digital marketing channels.


digital marketing remote jobs

In this remote digital marketing job profile, your job will be about writing content to persuade the intended audience. The deliverables include blog posts, landing pages, white papers, video scripts, and social media posts.

Why Apply To Work-From-Home Digital Marketing Job Profiles?

Some of the many benefits of remote these digital marketing jobs are as follows:

  • Your role will evolve and improve constantly as the algorithms change.
  • You will earn a solid income.
  • Digital marketer is paid well on average. Your salary, however, depends on experience, location, and specialization.
  • Digital marketing is a career for creative individuals, where they can implement innovative ideas and evaluate their success.
  • Work independently
digital marketing remote jobs

Places Where Remote Digital Marketing Job Profiles Could Be Searched

As many people would be looking for online opportunities in this field, we are sharing a list of the best remote job sites for digital marketers:

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