Add Fun To Your Video Calls With Meta’s New Live Avatars

Meta is revolutionising virtual communication with its latest feature for Meta Avatars. Say goodbye to camera worries and static images during video calls. 

Now, can engage in real-Messenger and Instagram users time calling using their Meta Avatars. This exciting update is available to all, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS. 

Introducing Live Avatar Calls: Bringing Fun and Convenience to Video Chats
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Adding Life to Conversations: Animated Stickers for Dynamic Expression

Static avatar stickers are great, but sometimes they lack our desired liveliness. Meta has heard our plea and introduced animated avatar stickers. Now, you can share these dynamic stickers on Instagram and Facebook Stories, Reels, comments, and Messenger and Instagram message threads. From a cheerful wave to a hilarious dance move, these stickers bring your conversations to life, making them more engaging and entertaining.

Social Stickers: Sharing the Fun with Friends

Just like selfies are more enjoyable with friends, avatar stickers can now be a social activity too. With @Tagging, you can invite friends to join your Facebook Stories, allowing your avatars to hang out together in the metaverse. It’s an excellent way to create shared memories and enjoy inside jokes, even when physically apart. 

Additionally, you can share social stickers featuring you and a friend in 1:1 message threads, strengthening your bond and fostering a sense of togetherness.

Simplified Avatar Creation: From Selfie to Personalized Avatar

Creating an avatar that represents you shouldn’t be a hassle. Meta understands this, so they are testing a new feature on Facebook and WhatsApp. By taking a live selfie, you can generate suggested avatar options within seconds. From there, you can personalise your avatar to reflect your unique identity truly. It’s a simple and quick process that Meta will continue refining to improve it.

Standardised Avatars: Consistency and Realism Across Platforms

Meta wants your avatar to represent you authentically across all its platforms. They are standardising avatar appearances to ensure visual consistency. Your avatar will look more realistic and proportional, enhancing your overall presence. You can confidently showcase your style and fashion sense without oversized features stealing the limelight.

Exciting Collaborations and Fashion Updates for Avatars

Meta’s Avatars Store keeps expanding its partnership network, bringing beloved brands into the metaverse. Luxury brand Valentino has joined the virtual collection with six outfits and stunning Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature earrings. Capcom is also partnering with Meta to offer avatar styles inspired by Street Fighter 6 characters. 

Lastly, the home and away kits of the US Women’s National soccer team will be available for avatar customisation.

Meta Avatars are evolving to become more exciting, useful, and engaging. Stay tuned for further updates as Meta continues to shape the future of self-expression in the metaverse.


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