X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has been under fire recently for allowing advertisers’ content to appear alongside harmful and hateful content. This raises serious concerns for both users and advertisers.

The Problem:

X recently implemented a stricter “freedom of speech, not reach” policy. While content deemed harmful might not be removed, its reach is restricted. However, reports suggest that ads are still appearing next to this restricted content. This means your brand’s carefully crafted ad campaign could be displayed alongside hate speech or other offensive material.

The Impact:

  • Brand Safety: Having your brand associated with harmful content can damage your reputation and alienate customers.
  • User Experience: Users exposed to harmful content alongside ads may feel unsafe or lose trust in the platform.

What Can Be Done?

  • X Needs Improvement: X needs to ensure its ad placement systems effectively block harmful content.
  • Advertiser Action: Advertisers should hold X accountable and demand stronger brand safety measures. Consider pausing ad campaigns until the issue is resolved.
  • User Choice: Users can choose to boycott X or use ad-blocking tools to avoid exposure to harmful content.

The Future of X:

X’s current approach seems unsustainable. Advertisers are pulling out, and user trust is eroding. X must find a way to balance free speech with a safe and brand-safe environment for everyone.


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