Instagram Adds New Option For Subscribers

Instagram continues to invest in making its platform a viable source of income for creators. With over 2 million subscriptions now happening in the app, they’ve announced exciting new features to give creators more control and fans more reasons to subscribe.

Fresh Ways to Engage Subscribers

  • Subscriber Group Chats: Foster a deeper connection with your most dedicated fans. Create chats for up to 30 subscribers, allowing for intimate discussions and a stronger sense of community. These 24-hour chats offer flexibility and control over how you interact with your audience.
  • Subscriber-Only Reels and Posts: Take your exclusive content to the next level. Now you can offer special Reels and posts just for your subscribers. This is a great way to share behind-the-scenes glimpses, early access to content, or in-depth tutorials.
  • Dedicated Subscriber Tab: Keep your paying fans organized. A new subscriber tab on your profile lets them easily find all the exclusive content they’ve unlocked through their subscription.

Boosting Sign-Ups and Protecting Content

  • Subscription Story Previews: Intrigue potential subscribers! Instagram is expanding its teaser display for subscriber-only stories. When you post exclusive stories, non-subscribers will see a glimpse, enticing them to join for the full experience.
  • Enhanced Screenshot Protection: Creators worried about screen recordings can breathe a sigh of relief. Instagram is exploring new ways to make it more difficult to capture and share subscriber-only content.

Data to Drive Success

  • Sticker Insights: Understand how your subscribers are interacting with your content. New data in the professional dashboard will show you how many people engage with your subscriber sticker in stories, helping you gauge its effectiveness.

These updates come alongside continued support for existing features like subscriber badges and live streams. With Instagram not taking a cut from creator earnings until at least 2024, the platform is becoming an increasingly attractive option for those looking to monetize their content.


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