Data Show Threads To Be A Better App For Engagement

Threads App was recently launched by Meta, and early insights have shown it to be a more engaging platform compared to Twitter. Also, Brands on the Threads app have been noticing good reach.

A study by Website Planet found that the vast majority of brands that are active on Threads are generating more likes per post than they are on Twitter. The overall average is impressively 8x higher than the normal engagement a user gets on a Tweet.  

While its usage has gradually declined since the app’s launch, the initial buzz surrounding its use was record-setting. However, it is still too early to tell whether this is a long-term trend or just a temporary blip.

Nonetheless, the early signs are positive for brands that are looking to reach a younger audience on a more intimate platform.

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Since the app is still in its early stages of development, the level of engagement will likely vary depending on the brand and the content they are sharing. However, the fact that brands are witnessing good engagement overall is a positive sign for the app’s future growth.

Threads App has the potential to be the next big thing. User interest is high as they are trying to create a strong digital foundation. However, the app needs to tap into the key elements that will maximise user demand. These include functional improvements, reach opportunities, limiting algorithmic interference, and moderation.

Although, AI-driven engagement might be a strategy by Meta to encourage more activity on the Threads app. The app has less than half of Twitter’s user base, which means there are fewer people to engage with posts. However, there is also less competition for attention on Threads, which could make it a more attractive platform for brands.

Overall, it is too early to draw any firm conclusions about Threads’ potential for brands. However, the early signs are positive, and the app definitely has some unique features that could appeal to businesses.


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