Google Opens Up Testing for New AI-Powered Search Features

Google is expanding its Search Labs early access program to make its new generative AI tools available to more users. This expansion will allow people to try out Google’s AI elements within Search, and it also highlights some interesting use cases for product discovery in the app.

Google was initially hesitant to enter the generative AI field as OpenAI’s tools gained popularity. Google believed that these tools were still too error-prone and could spread misinformation as a result. However, OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft has essentially forced Google’s hand. Although Google is still being cautious in how it implements these new elements and integrates them with its current search and advertising offerings, it is now entering the generative AI field. 

With the help of new search labs experience, users can access by tapping on the beaker icon in the top right, it helps to do more search and get more information on queries, based on the terms they enter.

It is similar to ChatGPT in that it provides an overview of a topic, rather than just a list of search results. However, Google plans to integrate Bard’s results into its regular search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that generative AI results will not replace traditional search, but will instead offer additional guidance and pointers to users.

It also help to do shopping

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The above example shows how google is helping in generative search results, the result will display additional context which helps in the discovery process.

It is a very interesting approach, it helps Google’s system and users in the long run which help to get more business.


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