Google SGE Launches in India and Japan

Google has launched its Search Generative Experience (SGE) in India and Japan, with the goal of making search more conversational and engaging for younger users. SGE uses artificial intelligence to generate more comprehensive and relevant search results, as well as summaries of those results.

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In a blog post announcing the launch, Google said that SGE has been “most liked by the youths” in the countries where it has been tested. The company said that SGE is “particularly appealing to users who are looking for information in a more natural way, such as by asking questions or talking about their interests.”

To use SGE, users can simply type or speak their query into the Google search bar. SGE will then generate a response that includes a summary of the results, as well as links to relevant web pages. Users can also click on a chevron icon to see a carousel of more web pages.

Google said that SGE is still under development, but it plans to continue to improve the feature based on user feedback. The company said that it is also looking to expand SGE to other countries in the future.

The launch of SGE in India and Japan is a significant step for Google in its efforts to make search more conversational and engaging for users around the world. The company is betting that SGE will be a hit with younger users, who are increasingly using voice search and other natural language interactions.

Following its May launch in the United States, Google has announced the international expansion of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to India and Japan. The company also shared early user research that showed that SGE is most popular with younger users in these countries.

In India, SGE will support English and Hindi, with a language toggle to quickly switch between the two. It will also support voice input and verbal responses. In Japan, SGE will support Japanese. Ads will appear in both countries.

SGE is currently available in Search Labs, which is a way for users to try out experimental features. To opt-in to SGE, users in India and Japan can open the Google app or Chrome on their desktop and tap the Labs icon. If they are eligible, they will see a list of experiments that they can try, including SGE.

Google says it is looking to expand SGE to even more countries in the future. The company is also working on improving the feature based on user feedback.


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