Now You Can Schedule Instagram Posts And Reels Directly From The App

Instagram now allows users with professional accounts to schedule posts, carousels, and reels directly from their app up to 75 days in advance.

No need to use a third-party app to schedule an Instagram post anymore! Simply log into your Instagram professional account. Tap the + icon on the top, select your image or reel, and write the caption. Go to advanced settings, and tap on “Schedule”.

The Twitter community is all in favor of the idea and has kindly shared screenshots so that everyone can see how the features work.

The feature is currently being rolled out globally. You should soon be able to schedule all your posts an reels from the app.

Here Is How You Can Leverage This Feature:

For a digital marketer, it is very important to connect with their audience on the right day at the right time. Scheduling posts in advance is the best way to do that.

It will also simplify your social media strategy and help you publish your content when your audience is ready to engage with it.

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