Quizzes & Photo Editing Added To Community Posts On YouTube

Quizzes & photo editing tools are now available to creators on YouTube when creating community posts.

With the advent of photo editing capabilities and interactive quizzes, YouTube is providing creators with additional tools to use when creating community posts.

Updates in the social media format known as “community posts” are accessible to YouTube channels with 500 subscribers or more.

On channel pages under the Community tab and in users’ recommendation feeds, YouTube displays posts.

A community post may contain text, polls, pictures, videos, GIFs, and other media. Presently, YouTube is experimenting with the ability to add quizzes to posts and is bringing out in-app photo editing capabilities to more artists.

Photo editing on IOS using Youtube

photo editing on youtube

When posting community posts in the YouTube app, YouTube producers using Apple’s iOS now have the option to add filters, text, and stickers to photographs.

These capabilities were introduced by YouTube earlier this year for Android, and now they are coming to iOS.

This can be tested on iOS phones by a small, randomly chosen set of artists who have access to the Community tab.


In an experiment being conducted by YouTube with a select group of artists, quizzes can now be added to community postings.

A fresh, interactive method for producers to interact with viewers is through quizzes. Quizzes can be made by beta creators in the same way that other community posts are.

I’ve already started to come up with creative ideas for how YouTube channels can use quizzes in forum posts.

Running a quiz based on your most recent video quickly comes to mind. Users can ask questions that need them to watch your most recent video in order to be answered.

You may be able to increase the number of repeat visitors to your material if you use a contest or simple shout-out to encourage consumers to take the quiz.

Given that this is an experiment, YouTube might open up more quizzes if they get good response.

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