Twitter now displays suggested tweets in news feeds

All Twitter users will now, unless they choose Latest Tweets, see suggested tweets from accounts they do not follow. Twitter is making recommended tweets available to all users, even those who up until now were able to avoid them.

In a nutshell, recommendations are tweets from accounts you don’t follow that have been chosen by an algorithm. Twitter wants to make it easier for users to find other accounts they might be interested in following by surfacing recommended tweets alongside other information in the main feed. People who previously viewed recommended tweets might not suddenly start seeing more of them as a result of this change.

You can switch to the chronological feed to completely ignore recommended tweets if you don’t like them or see too many of them.

In its release, Twitter made clear that this change only affects those who weren’t already getting suggested tweets. However, genuine users claim to have noticed an increase in suggested tweets. In some cases, the notification tab even contains recommendations.

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