Twitter Is Ready To Allow Political Ads On The Platform Again

In 2019, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey showed concerns about the political ads on the platform. He believed that permitting political ads on the platform incentivized individuals and political parties to spread misinformation and launch hate campaigns against their competitors. As a result, Twitter banned political ads on the platform.

But, Elon Musk has a different point of you. He believes that cause-based advertising will encourage conversations about important topics on the platform.

In fact, they are planning to align their advertising policies with that of TV and other media outlets, which in the US, will ensure accessibility for all candidates and political parties.

Since Elon Musk is himself known for his strong political opinions, this move is not exactly a surprise.

Again, can ads be misused by individuals?

Of course, yes?

Whether Twitter has a plan to deal with these or not, we will all find out soon.

Until then, feel free to check out some updates that Twitter is planning to make on the platform.


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