Here Is What YouTube Thinks Will Go Viral In 2023

In the second episode of YouTube’s official Like & Describe Podcast, MatPat has shared what YouTube believes will go viral in 2023.

The company representatives believe that since people are now starting to come out of the Covid era, they are getting more comfortable with travel. As a result, creators will likely publish more travel vlogs than usual.

YouTube also believes that more people will search YouTube to find new travel destinations in 2023. But, that’s not all. Read this post until the end to find out what will likely go viral in 2023.

2023 Predictions YouTube

1. AI-Generated Content

YouTube noted that many of their creators showed interest in publishing content about AI tools, including Chat GPT.

YouTube has predicted that more viewers and creators will be interested in the content about more AI tools(especially image-generation tools).

2. Minimalism

YouTube noticed a sharp increase in the content about minimalism in 2022. They predict they more creators will engage in such content and challenges in 2023. So, you may want to prepare yourself for the “how to live with just $5 in pocket” challenge well in advance.

3. Hotel & Travel Related Content

YouTube has also shared that since people are now getting comfortable with travel, more creators will publish travel and hotel-related videos on the platform.

If you are a YouTube creator eager to go viral in 2023, you may want to check out the full episode of the Live & Describe Podcast here.


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