X Deprecates Promoted Accounts Ad Option in Favour of More Interactive Formats

Given the current state of X, this move to depreciate account promotion ads seems odd. However, seemingly odd moves are now commonplace for X, so it is not surprising.

X Deprecates Promoted Accounts Ad Option in Favour of More Interactive Formats
Image source:- https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/x-is-depreciating-its-promoted-accounts-ad-option-in-favor-of-more-interact/690971/

Promoted accounts, a type of ad that highlights a brand’s account in user feeds to gain followers, has been a key way to maximize brand awareness. However, this concept no longer aligns with X’s new approach, which will focus more on video and other interactive ad formats.

X has informed clients that it will be phasing out its Follower Campaigns ad option, which has already been implemented in some regions. The exact timeline for the removal is unclear, as X is taking a “move fast and break things” approach to change. This has led to a fragmented rollout of new features, with some elements of the app not matching up with others. For example, the X name change itself is still not complete in all regions.

X has assured ad partners that they can use other ad units, such as engagement and reach objective promotions, to achieve similar results. However, it is impossible to know for sure what impact the removal of Follower Campaigns will have. Axios estimates that the ad option currently generates around $100 million annually for X. While this is only a fraction of the company’s total ad revenue, any loss is significant as X seeks to return to profitability.


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