X Introduces New Job Matching Tool for Brands

X is adding a new job “matchmaking” feature to its app, which will help users find relevant opportunities. The feature is still under development, but it is expected to use data such as user posts, location, and interaction history to recommend jobs.

LinkedIn is able to recommend open roles based on a user’s education, career history, skills, and other factors. However, X will not have as much data to go on. Instead, it may use an algorithm to match the content that users post about most with job ads.

It is unclear how effective this approach will be, but it could help X to compete with LinkedIn and other job match platforms.

X’s new job listings on company profiles are now available as part of its Verification for Organizations package, which costs \$1,000 per month and gives businesses a gold checkmark.

Image source:- https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/x-will-soon-add-job-matchmaking-to-help-brands-highlight-relevant-opportu/691445/

I agree that the price point of X’s Verification for Organizations package is high, especially considering that it only gives businesses a gold checkmark. For most organizations, this is likely a significant deterrent.

However, X has been “gifting” the badge and its associated benefits to a range of high-profile businesses in the app. This is likely an attempt to push more brands to take up the package in order to remain on par with the competition.

So far, this tactic does not seem to have been effective in boosting adoption. However, as X continues to improve the overall offering, it may eventually see more brands paying up at this higher price point. This could go a long way towards helping the company reach its subscription revenue goals.

In addition to the gold checkmark, X is also looking to add more incentives to the Verification for Organizations package, such as priority post display in the app and access to an improved TweetDeck (now called X Pro). If X can build a truly effective post management platform with a range of analytics tools, this could sweeten the deal for brands.

There are also certainly a lot of businesses that are already posting open roles in the app, so the job listings feature could be of interest to them. It will be interesting to see what X can come up with in this respect, and whether it can indeed develop a better way to highlight relevant opportunities to users based on the data that it has.

X’s expanding ambitions are clear, but it remains to be seen if it can match that with smart, effective innovations that advance beyond the scope of what Twitter has been.


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