X Tests Expanded Profile Bio for More User Context

X is testing an expanded profile bio section to give users more space to express themselves or their business.

Image source:- https://twitter.com/xDaily/status/1702386332637520277

As the above image shows, users will be able to add more detail to their profile section, which visitors can view by clicking a “View more” prompt beneath the initial bio summary.

This will give users more space to tell their story, share their personal mission, or publish their manifesto. In the future, it could also lead to an expanded profile that includes shops, job listings, and location information.

X is testing a new feature that will allow users to have longer profile bios. This could help users drive more connections and get more followers by adding context to their profiles. It is also part of X’s broader push to get more long-form content into the app. X has already added longer posts and longer video uploads, and a longer profile bio is another step in that direction.

It remains to be seen whether users actually want to see long-form content in the app, but longer tweets are now fairly common, and it doesn’t seem to have impacted engagement. In fact, X’s reports suggest that “cumulative user-seconds” have continued to touch on all-time highs in the app throughout this year. This could mean that a group of users are spending more time on X, but individual usage numbers may have declined. However, either way, X is touting this as an endorsement of its new direction, and by any measure, it would suggest that long-form content isn’t hurting overall engagement.

Maybe, then, this is the way, and by expanding the app’s utility, Elon Musk will be able to convert X into his grand “everything app” vision. Longer profile bios are just another step in the larger journey in this respect.


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